Gurkha pants

The Gurkha trousers blend elements of traditional British military attire with a high-waisted design and double pleats at the front. Featuring a waistband equipped with its own buckle, these trousers greatly enhance maneuverability. Originally appearing as linen shorts to better suit India's hot climate, they have evolved to meet various needs.

Adjusting the sides provides ample room for expansion and contraction, meaning it can easily accommodate a fluctuation of 10 pounds in weight. With just a pull on both sides using your hands, the pants securely hang on the waist, saving you the hassle of wearing a belt.

It is precisely because there is no belt that wearing culottes is more lightweight, cool in summer, and completely liberates from the constraint of belts.

Although originating from the UK, Japan has transformed Gurkha trousers into a utilitarian style. Japanese Gurkha pants typically feature a straight or loose wide-legged silhouette, leaning towards a casual aesthetic.


This type of pants design exudes modesty and inclusivity, giving it various styles and making it a popular item in retro fashion trends.